Today, I would like to welcome Liz Cowan, who stopped by on her Blog Tour to tell us about herself and her book, The Dionysus Connection. This book looks exciting, has great reviews, and has made it to my To Read List for 2017.

Author Bio:

Elizabeth Cowan views the world through the prism of laughter. Life is too short to dwell on the negatives. But if you must, season them with a generous sprinkling of sarcasm and humor and everything will be more bearable.

Liz Cowan is a weaver of tales — suspense and romance with a touch of paranormal. Why paranormal? Whether you choose to accept it or not, we all possess powers beyond the norm. For example, those gut feelings you get—that is a message to pay attention or suffer the consequences.

For more about Liz, find her on Facebook, Twitter, and her Website.

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The Dionysus Connection

About The Dionysus Connection:

The Dionysus Connection on Amazon

An interrupted after-hours pharmacy robbery results in the murder of a pharmacist and his wife.

To catch the brutal killer a respected Dallas detective poses as a male stripper at Club Dionysus.

The investigation links the destinies of their beautiful daughter, Daniela Lawson-intrepid investigative journalist, who believes she could have saved her parents-and sexy, dark-eyed Dallas special detective, Max Fabiani, who harbors an intense dislike for journalists.

In spite of their underlying animosity, they can’t stop the sizzling attraction between them as they race to catch a killer. When out of control passions reach a flashpoint, Daniela and Max struggle to overcome their painful pasts to take a chance on love.

But the killer is plotting to take Daniela’s life and quench their love love-a love ignited by their Dionysus Connection.

Just as the killer continues to elude the police, the twists and turns of the story will keep you guessing until the end

Get your copy of The Dionysus Connection on Amazon today!

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  1. |

    A male stripper – sure adds spice to the story mix.

  2. |

    Wow, that’s a sizzling book concept. Congrats, Liz!
    Many thanks to Charles for hosting Liz on her tour!

  3. |

    Thanks for sharing your site with us, Charles!!

  4. |

    Great stop. I love the idea of a detective as a male stripper, Liz. Thanks, Charles for hosting

  5. |

    Hi Charles! Thanks for hosting Liz. I wanted to support a sister tour and wish you all the best, Liz. Your book seems exciting. I love a mystery. Will add this to my TBR>

  6. Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    The book seems to be interesting as your blurb pulls me in. Congratutlations on your book tour. My eye is on your book now. Good luck Liz!

  7. Nonnie Jules

    Charles, I love the “clean” appearance of your blog! Makes me want to rush to check out your book(s). Thanks so much for hosting Liz today!

    Liz, have fun!!!

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