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2016 Independent Author Network Horror/Suspense Book of the Year Awards Finalist

4 Stars “Home is quite the page-turner…” AuthorsTalkAboutIt.com

Set in his hometown, Shoshoni, WY, Charles W. Jones tells the story of a Fallen Angel, Belphegore aka Mr. Bel, with a plan to return to God’s side and good graces. Many years ago, he’d visited a boy, sharing a part of himself with the child, and feels the time has come to for Cody, now a man, to return home to help see his plan to fruition. The residents of Shoshoni are worried about what the Mr. Bel is actually planning, and work to keep Cody from his grasp.

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3 reviews for Home: A Novel

  1. Rated 3 out of 5

    Jan Sikes

    Fallen Angels, demons, monsters, souls trapped between worlds, guardian angels and deviant sexual behaviors make up the story of Home. Belphegor, a fallen Angel, wants Cody. Exactly why was never quite clear. But, it was most clear that he will go to any extreme to get him to Shoshoni and under his spell. A mysterious tattoo appears on Cody’s arm during the night and even though he tries, he has no memory of getting the tattoo. Then, a chubby red-haired woman shows up and it turns out she is Cody’s guardian Angel, which they refer to as Watchers in the book. She can only advise Cody, but ultimately all decisions are left up to him. When Cody’s brother, Tyler, places a phone call begging him to come to Shoshoni and help him with a construction job, the Watcher strongly advises Cody to ignore the plea. But, Cody goes, convinced he’s going to his brother’s rescue. The events that unfold will chill the most calloused reader. Ultimately, it is a good versus evil tale with lot of graphic sexual encounters of the strangest kind. I give this book three stars because there were typos found throughout the book and, at times, the author forgot which character he was writing about and referred to Cody as Tyler. If you like a story and that will make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, deviant sexual content, and typos don’t bother you, you’ll enjoy this book.

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Karen Ingalls

    The story takes place in Shoshoni, Wyoming where Cody and his brother, Tyler must face and conquer the powers of evil. There are many twists to the story and occasionally I got lost but soon found my way back again. There is the fight of good versus evil, Lucifer versus God. There are quite a few explicitly described sex scenes, most of them I skipped through. The book is well written and the characters well described. The various scenes are written such that the reader can “see” them.
    This book is not a genre I usually like so I may not be fair in giving it 4 stars rather than 5.

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    Home: A Novel by Charles W. Jones is a story about a fallen angel, Belphegor or Mr. Bel for short, who has a disagreement with God and is sent to rule a small town in Wyoming named Shoshoni. Belphegor, who spends his days peering out of a window in the Shanley hotel, demands that his servants find him ‘the one with whom he’d shared himself with,’ to help him restore the life back into the lackluster town. When his servant, Mark, fails to complete the requested task, he returns to Shoshoni with the brother of whom he had been sent for, leaving Mr. Bel very unhappy. Mark, who is greatly terrified as well as very aroused by Mr. Bel, lies about his messy work during his mission to find Cody and why he brought over his brother Tyler instead. Nonetheless, Cody ends up in Shoshoni with his brother Tyler along with Mark and Mr. Bel, only to find out that Mr. Bel no longer wants to be permanently earthbound and will use him to gain God’s forgiveness.

    Home is quite the page-turner if you could get passed the terribly irrelevant book cover. Jones also starts each chapter with a bible verse, which can become a bit excessive seeing as the book consists of forty-eight chapters. Nonetheless, Charles seamlessly switches the character focus with each chapter while maintaining his third person point of view, giving you a well rounded idea of the personalities and thoughts of everyone involved. He brings you into their workplaces, their homes, their pasts and current thoughts, leaving you feeling as if you personally know the characters. Jones also gives us steamy, intimate scenes without turning the book into an erotica novel and taking away from the religious underbelly of the novel.

    Charles provides the reader with a twist on God, creation and spreading the word of the bible while challenging some views of Christianity and Catholicism. There is quite the emphasis on homosexuality in the book which can offend the religious party, for obvious reasons but also those part of the LGBTQ community due to subtle jabs such as; “After hours of heated passion, she knew he wasn’t gay. A gay man didn’t have the skills he used to bring her pleasure.” However, he recovers later on in the book when he speaks on a misinterpretation of the bible’s references to homosexuality. Needless to say, this book isn’t for everyone, but for those who’re interested, it is overall a very satisfying read.

    Originally critiqued by the staff of AuthorsTalkAboutIt.com.

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