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Aurora, CO USA

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ipa 2017 winner
books go social 1087
ian 2016 finalist horror

2016 Independent Author Network Horror/Suspense Book of the Year Awards Finalist

Books Go Social Gold Seal

2017 Independent Press Award - Horror

4 Stars “Home is quite the page-turner...” AuthorsTalkAboutIt.com

Set in his hometown, Shoshoni, WY, Charles W. Jones tells the story of a Fallen Angel, Belphegore aka Mr. Bel, with a plan to return to God’s side and good graces. Many years ago, he’d visited a boy, sharing a part of his essence, and feels the time has come to for Cody, now a man, to return home to help see his plan to fruition. The residents of Shoshoni are worried about what the Mr. Bel is planning, and work to keep Cody from his grasp.