New Cover for #Hunger Unveiled #Horror & A #RRBC Shoutout

June 19, 2017



The new cover for Hunger is live on Amazon, and will be on other retailers soon. In addition to the new cover, I’ve added two more short stories as a bonus in addition to The Vow; they are Marie, and Church Hill. All three stories stick with the Hunger theme. I hope you enjoy them.

When Reynard Ashwin is offered a new life of vision, strength, and, most importantly, not succumbing to an untimely death threatened by the plague, he is intrigued, but does not accept. To ensure his commitment, the offering entity takes him through the filthy city, showing him tragic scenes of death and decay, he quickly accepts. What was not divulged was the hunger that filled him the moment he took the deal.

At first Reynard abstains from giving the hunger what it wants, and feeds on rodents filling the streets, or lapping blood from cobbles near a butcher shop. When he returns home to find his wife and son have succumbed to the Black Death, he loses his morality, and feeds the hunger burning within him, though every bite of flesh and swallow of blood leaves him wanting more.

After being linked to a series of heinous murders, Reynard is shipped to America where his bloody rampage continues across the continent. During his travels, only two women are spared from the hunger demanding to be fed as they remind him of his past. With the help of these women, he learns how to end his contract with the hunger.

Let me tell you something about a great book club I joined last fall; Rave Reviews Book Club. This is a great group of authors and readers that share what they read, and promote other authors. You don’t have to be Independently Published to join this group, everyone is welcome.

There is an annual fee, but it’s small; currently, it’s $25, and you get to list 3 books that you wrote. Each quarter you need to read and review one book, and share it with RRBC. Every month there are 3 books of the month (Circus Tarot was in the list May 2017) so there’s tons to read.  In addition to the Books of the Month, there is also a Spotlight Author featured every month as well. Oh, and I don’t want to forget #PushTuesday, where we celebrate one author on Tuesday. All are chosen by the #RRBC staff. And this fall there is an Expo, which I haven’t quite wrapped my head around still, but I will participate because I’m curious.

What this does for you is EXPOSURE. Each member tweets, and shares on social media outlets when you receive one of these honors. I can’t believe the support this group of people provides to others. And it’s not just all business, everyone cares; when you’re feeling down, they are there to help you back to normal, just say the word.

To be honest, just because you sign up for the club, doesn’t mean you’re going to get anything in return, so a little tip from me, promote others in the club everyday. Tell your followers about these great people, and you will reap the rewards; believe me, I’ve been on 2 radio shows, book of the month, and now Blog of the month.

Some people say they don’t have time, and I understand that completely, but I have secret, I schedule Tweets with to help me with time management. I also use to spread the word even farther.

Search #RRBC or #RaveReviewsBookClub on Twitter and you’ll find all the talented authors and wonderful readers. Check the website Rave Reviews by Nonnie Jules. Let me tell you, there is a lot happening on this website, everything from a book catalog to streaming interviews.

If you’re an Author in need of help with getting the word out about your books, or a reader looking for hidden treasures, you should check them out. And when you sign up, mention my name (Charles W. Jones). It’s a great club with a ton of wonderful books to read.