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April 22, 2017
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Welcome to the Rave Reviews Book Club Springtime Book & Block Party stop on Bizarro Fiction. Location: Aurora, CO.

Here’s what I’m giving away today:

  •  One (1) e-book copy of Home A Novel & $5 Amazon Gift Card
  • One (1) Signed copy of Dreamwalker: The Second Plain (US & Canada Only)
  • One (1) e-book copy of Circus Tarot Trilogy

Number of winners for this stop: 3

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Dreamwalker: The Second Plain

For me writing tends to have therapeutic qualities that allow me to escape into a world I created. Dreamwalker: The Second Plain was written during the final stages of my father-in-law’s battle with cancer. Writing helped me to channel what I normally would bottle inside.

In the end, it became like a strange superhero comic without the picture cells.

When people who know me read it, they point out the similarities between me and the lead character, Saul Vogel. Yes, some of what happened to me is put into the pages of Dreamwalker: The Second Plain, but it’s not a autobiography, I don’t have the gift he has.

Circus Tarot Trilogy

The first installment of the Circus Tarot Trilogy begins with Circus Tarot. I had so much fun writing it, and originally it wasn’t going to be a series, but I couldn’t leave it.

Circus Tarot is like a mixture of the movies Greatest Show on Earth and Stephen King’s IT, then throw in a pinch of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.

Page of Buckets is the second book, and is just as quirky as Circus Tarot. With World Circus (book 3), I took a more serious note, but didn’t neglect the Clown Fun at all.

Mary and Darrin are modeled after television shows from the 50s and 60s, and Susie is a friend, who doesn’t even know (well maybe she does now) I used her from my memories of her as a kid.

World Circus is a delightful place where all the characters are a card from the Circus Tarot, including World Tent, Star, Tower, Sun and Moon; I used both the Major and Minor Arcana, but focus primarily on the Major throughout the series.


Being undead is probably something that is difficult to cope with in the beginning. Having an insatiable appetite for human flesh when you have morals can cause quite the inner conflict, especially when you add possession to the list of changes happening to Reynard Ashwin.

An interesting truth, I find aspects of horror comical (normally the gore parts). Yes, I like to jump with the monster attacking, but that’s so I can laugh afterward, and that’s what Hunger does for me. I mixed vampires, zombies and cannibals for this one with a layer of historical elements.

Hydrangeas on the Lanai

I love Gothic Horror. The book covers I saw in the drugstore as a kid were wonderful; my mom read them, and when she was done I did, too, well some of them, some disappeared from the stack by her chair before I got my hands on them.

Hydrangeas on the Lanai is my version of the genre, but I wanted it to feel more like Murder by Death than Uncle Silas or The Haunting of Hill House, though I kept as close as possible to the format. There are aspects of Hydrangeas on the Lanai that I know are confusing, like the ending, for example, there are also some strange phrases. These are intentional, and depending on my mood, the answer to the ending changes from yes delusional to not at all, but then again, who knows for sure, the house does what it wants.

HOME A Novel

Home A Novel Books Go Social Gold

Home is a 2016 Horror/Suspense Finalist for Independent Author’s Network Book of the Year Award, and recently it received a Gold Quality Mark from Books Go Social.  Home is my homage to my hometown, Shoshoni, WY, an interesting town with an interesting history, but it has lost the glamour I saw in it as a child.

I remember Shoshoni as an oasis in the middle of the sagebrush covered plains. Now, when I go back and see the poor upkeep, I shake my head. Belphegor feels the same way as the story begins with him looking through a window of the Shanley Hotel on the corner of Main and Second (Second Street is also Highway 26).

After all the research on demons and the hierarchy of Angels, I chose Belphegor to by my antagonist for several reasons; his palindrome, 1000000000000066600000000000001, Belphegor’s Prime (it looks nice on Cody’s arm), the way he seduces, and his ties to Dante’s Divine Comedy as one of the deadly sins, sloth. And how else could a pre-apocalyptic story be fun without him?

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