#Music A-Z Challenge Week 14 – Totally Unexpected; Not Really.

November 20, 2016


As I approach the end of this series of posts, I cannot help but feel nostalgic for the greatness of the sounds that have entered my ears throughout the years. This edition features the letters T and U, and I start off with Tears For Fears. In all honesty, I didn’t like the first song of theirs I heard, Everybody Wants to Rule the World (1985), but as time went on and I heard more from the album, Songs from the Big Chair (1985), I began to like them a lot. This song still not my most favorite has its importance. Head Over Heels and Shout continue the top of my list from this dynamic duo. I don’t hate Everybody Wants to Rule the World anymore.

Terence Trent D’Arby was introduced to me by a pen-pal from France (I think). For those who don’t know, a pen-pal is what we did before social media in high school to have friends around the world. Introducing the Hardline According to Terence Trent D’Arby (1987) is phenomenal with great hits, and a welcome new sound for my catalog. The pen-pal described him as a genius, and sent me a copy of his album. I have to agree with her on what she said. His lyrics are crisp, and interesting, and though his second album Neither Fish nor Flesh (1989) wasn’t as ingenious as the first, it is still good.

One of the stranger artists in the 80’s was Thomas Dolby, still is. He had hits like She Blinded Me with Science (1982), and Europa and the Pirate Twins (1981). There was one song from the album Aliens Ate My Buick (1989) that I still don’t get, it’s called Hot Sauce; it’s funny at least, and has great synths, so is worth listening to.

My favorite T artist is Thompson Twins. They started in 1981, but really didn’t hit the US charts until 1982 with the song In the Name of Love from the Set album. Next came Lies, also in 1982, from Quick Step and Side Kick (1983). In 1984, they really made traction with me with Hold Me Now, and Doctor! Doctor! from Into the Gap. But, the first album I owned was Here’s to Future Days (1985), and, in my opinion, every track is a hit; this is another album I wore out the cassette. The next album, Close to the Bone (1987) was kinda boring for me, but I do enjoy it, followed by Big Trash (1989) with the awesome song Sugar Daddy. They had one more album after that, and a few songs on the Cool World movie soundtrack, they changed their name to Babble. Of the many 80’s artists I love, this is one I wish would pull a comeback.

Underworld is the only U I wish to speak about. They actually started as a band beginning with F (Freur), then changed to Underworld; the name is from the Clive Barker scripted film Underworld in which Freur scored. The first song I heard was Stand Up (1989) from Change the Weather at a party in college. I really liked it, it was edgy, and isn’t that what college students strive for?