#Music A-Z Challenge Week 12 – Ready of for the P?

November 6, 2016


Back in the 80’s there was so much music I wanted to explore, but where I grew up was limited to what the “super-stores” made available for instant gratification. Psychedelic Furs was a group I didn’t get to experience completely until my college years. Their song Pretty in Pink from the movie of the same name was awesome. I listened to the soundtrack over and over again replaying this song. On MTV, I remember seeing the video for The Ghost In You from Mirror Moves (1984).

Pseudo Echo did a fantastic cover of the Lipps, Inc hit, Funky Town giving them a foot in the door to the American music charts, too bad, that was all they are noted for. They had three phenomenal albums in the 80’s; Autumnal Park (1984), Love An Adventure (1985), and Race (1988). A few songs from Autumnal Park also appeared on Love An Adventure, but spiffed up.

Another master of the 80’s was Peter Schilling, but only had one song reaching the Top 40; Major Tom (Coming Home), originally on the 1982 album Error in the System, then released again in 1989 on the album The Different Story (World of Lust and Crime). I don’t understand why he didn’t have more traction in the US.

These final two artists of P are tied for the top P. Prince and Pet Shop Boys have always been at the top of my list. Prince found me around the time he did everyone else; Purple Rain. And Pet Shop Boys with West End Girls. Each are in completely different genres, and give me similar euphoric feelings.

Prince’s older stuff extending to the late 70’s is funk-filled with unique kick drums, and shrill organs. 1999 was epic for me as well, while I never owned it until much later, I heard on school trips from friends, and I was enamored, not because of the dirty content per se, but because of the soul and sound mixed with the adult content lyrics. Raspberry Beret from Around the World in a Day (1985) was a song I frequently sang, and my friends associated it as my theme song. Parade (1986) ranks high with me as does the movie Under the Cherry Moon. Yes, I miss him more than MJ.

Kicking in chairs, and knocking down tables…Pet Shop Boys won me over instantly. Their music videos entranced me, they were different, and wonderful. Each synth loop filling me with joy. The Please (1986) cassette was replaced at least twice, I played it so often the tape stretched and got eaten by the player. Actually (1987) was replaced once, and Introspective was my first CD purchase (and I still have it). I’m not sure how favorite music, bands happens, it just does, there’s a connection or there isn’t. PSB is a group that I connected with instantly, and still am. I’m so glad the world went digital, I can’t imagine lugging around CD’s anymore; the weight of my collection would probably strain my back, especially with their catalog.