#Music A-Z Challenge Week 11 – N to the O!

October 30, 2016


In the last year of the 80’s this little, dark-haired dude sang to me, and lyrics were “Bow down to the one you serve, you’re going to get what you deserve.” I fell in love that day with Trent Reznor’s voice, and yes a little bit Trent himself. Nine Inch Nails released Pretty Hate Machine in 1989, and it would be a Sin not to honor his ground breaking sound here. NIN’s sound has stayed pretty steady throughout the years, and one of the staples in my music catalog.

Nitzer Ebb while in the same strain as NIN is a completely different animal. So Bright, So Strong was the first album I heard, and McCarthy’s voice is so unique I couldn’t help but continue wanting to listen to their music, on top of the mixes, and loops they incorporate into their brand. Over the years, they’ve produced a strong collection of songs, and I’m proud to say I have them all.

In 1987, I heard this delightful song called Holiday on the radio, and I wasn’t paying attention so I didn’t catch the name of the band, and of course, asking a question like, who sang this song? At K-Mart wasn’t going to get me anywhere. No one else seemed to have heard the song besides me. Then one night, I was watching TBS’s video show, and they played it. The band was the Other Ones, another of those obscure bands from the late 80’s that barely anyone noticed, besides me. In some ways, they feel like early Animotion.

One of my favorite 80’s movies (Pretty in Pink) also had one of my favorite bands of all time with a featured song, If You Leave by Orchestral Manoeuvers in the Dark. I remember not being the only one singing this song in the halls of my high school, others were too, and ones I never expected. Meanwhile, I had to know more about OMD, and found Crush (1985) with the melodically beautiful songs So In Love and Secret, not to mention every other track on the album.