#Music A-Z Challenge Week 10 – M-power the people!

October 23, 2016


M is pretty big for me, so let’s get started with M, who had two albums in the 80’s The Official Secrets Act (1980), and Famous Last Words (1981), but their hit came from their 1979 album, New York * London * Paris * Munich, Pop Muzik. All of M’s music is quirky, and definitely at the forefront of New Wave music.

M.A.R.R.S. deserves to be included in my musings because their one song Pump Up the Volume was like a shock to the system. It was definitely a turning point for some of my musical interests. It’s a great dance track.

The next is a group of guys that just kind of appeared then disappeared, Martini Ranch. All the tracks are just random, don’t get me wrong, I love random, and this fits wonderfully in my collection of 80’s music. I remember the song Reach on MTV, it was amazing and strange and wonderful.

I think everyone knows Safety Dance, well if not, now’s the time to learn it. Men Without Hats, reached #1 on the Dance Charts with the song in the US, and #21 on the regular charts. That song and Pop Goes the World are their top songs, but the other ones are just as amazing, like Antartica, Where Do the Boys Go? and Moonbeam.

Silly ol’ Milli Vanilli what are we gonna do with you? Oh, I know take your Grammy away because you some bad boys trying to cheat the world. (Rolls Eyes). Yes, they were lip-syncing someone else’s music. I get it. The music was pretty spectacular whoever sang it. Even when Rob and Fab released an album under their real names, it actually sounded astonishingly like Milli Vanilli. Honestly, I don’t care, I like their music, and that’s not gonna change because they cheated or was it the other guys who cheated; it’s all very confusing.

I really didn’t know what Gothic/Industrial music was back then, even though I owned some of it. Ministry was the first for me in the Industrial genre, and Twelve Inch Singles (1981-1984) in 1987 was the album. They were kinda creepy and strange, but I liked them. (Everyday is) Halloween made me tingle, and my darkside was able to move around the cabin freely. I then picked up Twitch (1986), and Just Like You came to be a favorite song.

From our friends down under came the band Models. I saw their video in 1985 for Out of Mind, Out of Sight on MTV and had a find time finding the album anywhere, even on one of those music clubs. Finally, I found it on LP, so when I returned home, I put it on my Mom’s stereo and copied it to tape. As with other non-US bands, I don’t understand why this one didn’t take off better in the US than it did. They are great. Big on Love is one of my favorites from the album Out of Mind, Out of Sight (1985).

This might not come as a big surprise to anyone, but Madonna is my favorite M artist. She ranks up there with my other top Artists, and has had a place on my playlists for decades. I do confess, I do not like everything she’s recorded, but none of that has to do with the 80’s. In the 80’s, her music was awesome, all of it, no question. From that decade, I think I can probably sing every song without having to look at the lyrics. True Blue is, in my opinion, her best album ever, down to the Herb Ritz portrait on the cover.