Which Card Are You? World Circus – Circus Tarot Trilogy Book 3

October 7, 2016

World Circusworldcircus

(Circus Tarot Trilogy Book 3)

The adventure comes to an end in the final installment of the Circus Tarot Trilogy.

Now that Susie has grown into a young woman, she learns she is no longer Page of Buckets, but doesn’t know who she is in World Circus. Each time she drifts off to sleep, she dreams, and the creation of World Circus is revealed to her, as well as events she is upset to see.

The mystery of who she is in World Circus is finally revealed to her, but she isn’t sure what to do now that she has all the information about its brutal beginnings. Susie searches out the person who she hopes has the answers, but learns nothing is that simple.

World Circus is planned to be published Winter 2016, and will have some pretty exciting extras to go along with it. Do I see an actual deck of Circus Tarot in the future? Sign up for the Bizarro Fiction Newsletter (move your mouse toward the close tab x), or follow the blog by email to stay up to date (enter your email on the right or scroll down on smartphones).