#Music A-Z Challenge Week 7 – Let’s Hear It for G!

October 2, 2016

Glass Tiger Thin Red Line Cover

In the 80’s there weren’t many G’s that hit the spot for me, there are a few. Of course there were the likes of Genesis and George Harrison who were technically around before the 80’s, and had some great hits. George Harrison had that song which annoyed me, and thinking about it jumps into my mind, and I will say nothing further about it for fear I won’t stop hearing it play in my head until sometime next week. Genesis in the 80’s was a new animal from what they began as in the late 60’s. Their most memorable album for me was Invisible Touch with hits such as Invisible Touch, Tonight, Tonight, Tonight, and my favorite Land of Confusion with the video with the puppets. Honestly, now that I think about it, I don’t think I can tell you anything they did before this album, except Peter Gabriel used to do vocals.

Gary Numan had that song Cars, remember it? But, it was technically not 80’s since it was released in 1979, but didn’t hit the US’s radio waves until March of 1980. It’s one of those songs that have a great sound. Throughout the years Gary Numan’s sound morphed, from awesome New Wave Synthpop to a kinda icky dance pop, then onto Darkwave where he continues to live today. His early stuff reminds me greatly of the way Depeche Mode sounded at the beginning.

The day I realized Wham! wasn’t getting back together, I think I cried and died a little on the inside, but then George Michael dropped his first solo album, and all was forgiven. I Want Your Sex was the controversial song everyone knows, and better love. The sound was so different from Wham! it was more jazzy, and maybe considered Blue-eyed Soul. I had to have wore that cassette tape out, because I listened to it more times than I probably want to admit. Hard Day was a great dance track with the changing beats of the late 80’s. My favorite track from the Faith album is Monkey.

Giant Steps is a total one hit wonder, but I love them just the same. The only song I ever heard on the radio was (The World Don’t Need) Another Lover, and I had the cassette single, while they had many other tracks that singled. I actually never heard the entire album Book of Pride until about ten years ago, and I was impressed, it made me surprised they didn’t make it further. They almost fit into the “Boy Band” category, but I guess couldn’t get the air play like New Kids on the Block.

In 1986, I made the decision (and my parents back me) to go away to private school, which only lasted six weeks. When I was there, I remember hearing Don’t Forget Me (When I’m Gone) by Glass Tiger on a contraband radio a fellow student had. The song played over and over in my head, it was magical. When I returned home, I had to have the entire album, I had to know Glass Tiger. The minute I had The Thin Red Line, it was popped into my cassette player, and I was entranced. The first track, same as the album name, was exciting; it’s about a Knight projecting his Queen. The rest of the album, I could probably sing without hearing the music. That year, in Art Class I made a stop-action music video for Vanishing Tribe using brown clay; what a mess.

Come on back next week, we’ll put on some H.