World Circus – Circus Tarot Trilogy Book 3 #WIP #Excerpt

September 29, 2016

World Circus, the finale of the Circus Tarot Trilogy, is almost complete; I’m working on the final pages, then off to editing. Writing a series has been an interesting challenge, while I knocked out the first two, Circus Tarot and Page of Buckets, rather quickly, this one has haunted me. I think it’s because it is the end, and I didn’t want the fun to stop. I had originally planned its release for Fall 2016, but it looks like it will be Winter 2016/2017. There’s some surprises coming, and I’ll keep you posted. While you wait, enjoy this excerpt.

worldcircus“The world spins her changes, ever moving forward. On our journey, we meet everyone, and see the differences in them and we are happy, while their similarities frighten us. Whether it be for love, strength or knowledge, we need to know with every step there must be balance or be ready for catastrophe if not for ourselves, for others.

“I never thought of these things completely when this began, though my dearest friend implored I slow down and consider what I was planning. When everything was ready, she stood by my side, without another question or second thought. I wish she had.

“After all my years, I remain bound to this place, and I’m alone. The ones I wanted to be near have passed, and I cannot.” She glanced at Susie through a blur of tears. “I know what you’re thinking.” Susie cocked her head, curious to hear what Mariette thought was in her mind. “I brought it on myself.” The old woman shrugged. “It’s true. I know it all too well, and why I want you to think of every aspect before you decide. Scrutinize each possibility.”

The pair of women, one young, the other beyond ancient, gazed at the Circus Tarot deck on the rough, wooden table.

“Now it is time to go.” Mariette broke the silence. “You don’t need to be lost in the woods at night.” She stood, watching Susie fold the shimmering satin cloth around cards. “Have you made a decision?”