#Music A-Z Challenge Week 6 – F Me Now!

September 25, 2016


For F, I thought I’d start with something different than would be expected from me, to be honest this F surprises me a little, too. Fleetwood Mac. Yes, that’s what I said. Should I give you a moment to collect yourself from the shock? In the 80’s they had 2 albums, one of which I liked, and caused me to have a minor crush on Lindsey Buckingham because of the first track, Big Love. Tango in the Night is now and forever will be the only Fleetwood Mac album I own. They singled eight of the twelve tracks, which seems excessive.

Figures on a Beach had two official albums in the 80’s, Standing on Ceremony (1987) and Figures on a Beach (1989). No Stars is one of my favorite songs from the first album, and Accidentally 4th St. (Gloria) from the second. Their songs are just fun. They have one called Clamdiggin’, another Get Serious. They did, unfortunately, have the status of “one-hit-wonder” as many of my musical obsessions do, but somehow I always dig into them and search out what others have overlooked.

Another of these overlooked bands is Fiction Factory. Out of the twenty tracks from two albums, I can’t pick a favorite. Their sound is exceptional, yet they are barely known even after (Feels Like) Heaven appeared in a Reese’s commercial a few years ago.

The Fixx is one of those bands that I tend to forget about, but then I hear a song played in the grocery store, and make a note to put them on the playlist for the week. They are most known for One Thing Leads to Another from the 1983 album Reach the Beach. Another great song from that album is Saved by Zero. While they’ve never completely disappeared from the world, they don’t often reach my ears, which is bad, because they are a good band.

There was a song called She Drives Me Crazy that put the Fine Young Cannibals on my musical map. They had an interesting swing feel to them with almost all the songs sounding surprisingly similar, but I will forgive that. Good Thing was another song from their second album, making it to the top. They squeezed The Raw & the Cooked until 1991, then drifted away into memory.

In 1983 a song hit the airwaves with strange lyrics. I remember hearing it for the first time, and had no idea what they were referring (I was thirteen, so maybe we can blame that on my naiveté) even seeing the video didn’t give me a clue, which is hysterical. The song was Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and reaches my personal Top 40; the position varies, so no need to write it down. The album, Welcome to the Pleasuredome, followed in 1984 with an interesting track lineup. The follow-up album, Liverpool, was it for the boys, and Holly Johnson went on to a solo career, and is recording to this day.

In 1985, Austrian rock star, Falco records Rock Me Amadeus… He made German sexy. Us hicks in Wyoming had never heard anything like this before. I loved it, but I saw the other kids throw their noses in the air—too sophisticated for them is my thought. The videos for Rock Me Amadeaus, and Vienna Calling were artistic masterpieces, compared to the Jeanny video, which was stalkerish. Being Austrian most of his songs are in German with English bits. I can pick out a few words from the Falco 3 album, but I sing along like a speak German. Falco had many other albums, each is one I recommend whether you understand German or not.

Next week we’ll find the G spot.