#Music A-Z Challenge Week 5 – Let’s Talk About E!

September 18, 2016


While E doesn’t have the girth of artists or releases in my collection, the ones I do have are exceptional. There are those Artists who I consider HUH moments, only a passing frivolity, though I do want to mention a few of them in E. Eddie Murphy has had a brilliant acting career, and dropped a few albums in the 80’s, one having a song everyone normally remembers; Party All The Time. A true one-hit wonder in my mind, Eddy Grant with Electric Avenue; a fun song, but after that the album is boring. Next is Expose, a cute girl band. As I listen to them now, I don’t remember them sounding pitchy on the radio, it’s really quite sad. My final to point out is Eighth Wonder, they had one song, I’m Not Scared, but it turned out not to be their song at all, it was written, then later recorded by the Pet Shop Boys.

Echo & the Bunnymen have echoed in my head since the 1986 movie Pretty in Pink with their song Bring on the Dancing Horses. They kinda fell off my radar until I saw the Lips Like Sugar video, though I didn’t buy any of their albums until several years later, I always enjoyed their melancholy tone in songs like The Cutter and The Killing Moon. And how can I forget their cover of People Are Strange from the 1987 movie The Lost Boys?

The Escape Club had the song Wild, Wild, West, remember it? I do. I wish these guys would’ve had a better shelf life, in the USA anyway. Their first album, White Fields, I don’t even think was a blip on anyone’s radar here in 1986. It wasn’t until 1988 that they received any real airplay and with only Wild, Wild West. Their third album I didn’t even know about until the last ten years, Dollars & Sex; great album by the way. I’ve never understood how some artists get over killed on the radio and everywhere else, while other songs only receive a once a day play.

Erasure is a band that I was a late bloomer getting to know. The first album I bought was The Innocents, their third album with all new songs (fourth album if you count Two Ring Circus, but it was remixes, sooo). I became mesmerized with Andy’s voice instantly, and still am. To say it was magical peeling off the plastic wrap from the cassette and popping it into the Crown player in my car, is an understatement. I had no idea who or what Erasure was; I bought the album when I was in my music experimental phase, and I’d go into Alco or Kmart and randomly buy things. Holy moly, it was love at first synthesizer stroke. Each lyric pulled me in and gave me joy. Listening to The Innocents today, takes me back to that summer of 1988 when everything was easy. In college, I was introduced to the preceding albums, Wonderland and The Circus, then The Two Ring Circus and Crackers International. I’m glad Vince and Andy have had the wherewithal to continue throughout the years, and every release is a treasure to my ears.

I conclude E with the band that has brought me the most listening pleasure throughout the years, Eurythimics. Dave and Annie brought me through some rough times, as well as wonderful life experiences. If they recorded it, I have it. They are the only band that I joined a fan club for, and consider myself a life-long member; I still have the pins, cards, thin plastic records, fanzines. As I told you in the MTV 35th Anniversary post, the first music video I saw was Here Comes the Rain Again. That one song changed my musical choices completely; I grew up in Wyoming and it was either Metal or Country on the radio most of the time, and I was leaning toward the Country side, so glad it didn’t stick, though I do I have my moments. Eurythmics is the music I crave. If they don’t make the playlist for the week, when I’m not listening to something, one of their songs is playing in my head; No Fear, No Hate, No Pain (No Broken Hearts) seems to be the most popular in my head, followed by Beethoven (I Love To Listen To), and I Need A Man. While I love everything they’ve recorded (and wish they would again), Savage is my favorite album. From Revenge, which also hits close to the top of their discography, to Savage, they changed their sound again, adding more synths and beats back, from the rocker style of Be Yourself Tonight and Revenge. After We Too Are One, Dave and Annie went their separate ways, releasing remarkable solo albums. Then they released Peace a decade later, which while it is good, I yearn for the halcyon days of Sweet Dreams, or Belinda, or Beethoven. Through the years I’ve collected the albums from the Tourists, which Dave and Annie were part of before the Eurythmics (you won’t see the Tourists in T). Now sit back, relax and see and hear my biggest influence.














Come back next week as we discuss the letter F. Doesn’t that sound fun?