#Music A-Z Challenge Week 3 – For A Good Time, Get Some C!

September 4, 2016


Week three brings us to the letter C. C has so many delights that only had ep’s or singles it makes me sad. We had Combo Audio with Romanticide (see this previous post), they were awesome, and it pains me they didn’t go further; though they have a recent website with downloads of a bunch of stuff that was never released, but now it’s unavailable.

Then there were the ones we all know. Cameo had the hits Word Up! and Candy. They were funky and brave, and unbeknownst to me until writing this, and doing a quick search on discogs.com, had tons of albums starting in the mid-70’s. Well, in honesty, all I care about is this one album Word Up! released in 1986. They have the funk, and bizarreness that I cherish.

Another group I always feel I’m the only one who knows them is Cabaret Voltaire. One of the kings of Synthpop in my opinion. The album of theirs that caught my attention first was Code in 1987 with the song Don’t Argue. They use sampling of sounds like Art of Noise (but, aren’t similar in any way), and a band in I (can you guess who?), putting the sounds together with great, almost chilling lyrics. They had several awe inspiring albums all the way to 1994 when they faded away. If you like Synthpop with an Industrial flair, you should check them out.

Next on my list for C is Celebrate the Nun, while their debut album Meanwhile barely made the 80’s, they are a force to be reckoned with. The vocals are unique with a subtle German accent, and the lyrics and topics are bizarre. She’s a Secretary is one of those songs that make me cock my head, and listen; it’s about a woman sleeping her way to the top. Their second album arrived in 1991 and was one of those sophomore albums that didn’t hit the mark. I think if they had emerged a few years earlier they would have lasted a little longer, but who’s to say.

Clan of Xymox or Xymox, as they were for a moment, are in my Top 5 for the Goth genre. Over the years, their music has brought me many hours of pleasure, and frequently find their on my playlists. I said Goth, but that’s not entirely who they are, while they do fit there, they are New Wave, Dance, Electronic. The songs are soothing in a way you’d have to hear to understand. Twist of Shadows released in 1989 is the first album of theirs I bought on cassette, later CD, then imported to mp3. I’ve followed them ever since. Each album is unique, some more Synthpop while others are dark gothic, but everyone is spectacular.

My final C is the Cars. Who doesn’t love them? If you don’t, I don’t care. Every song fills me with glee. Ric Ocasek is amazing, and did solo work during the Cars (thinking about it, I only have one of his solo albums; looks like I know who goes on the music wanted list). From the beginning they had great songs like Magic, Just What I Needed, Drive, and Hello Again. Their videos were fun and strange.

Come back next week for the letter D. You know what starts with D, don’t you?