#Music A-Z Challenge Week 2 – It’s B Time!

August 28, 2016


This week’s letter, boys and girls, is B. Like A, B has a ton of Music Artists I love, and the first I want to talk about is Baltimora. Some of you will remember only one song, and I kinda have to say that’s enough because they barely lasted two albums. The first album, Living in the Background, had some other decent songs while some did have singles, they weren’t as memorable as Tarzan Boy, and it had a comeback in the 1993 movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III.

Bananarama was probably my biggest B Band in the 80’s. Cruel Summer, Venus, and Strike It Rich among my favorite songs, and the Wow! album being my personal favorite album. Then as happens with many bands a member leaves. I vaguely remember reading, back then, there had been some drama with the members, but isn’t that always the reason. Siobhan Fahey left around the time she married Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame, and formed Shakespeare’s Sister, and the band in my opinion fell apart. In the following albums, they became more kitschy and less meaningful; while I do have these subsequent albums, I don’t listen to them often.

This leads me to Belinda Carlisle, another icon who left the band behind to forge ahead alone. She began as the best singer in the Go-Go’s. Her first album, Belinda (1986), didn’t really catch my ear until after Heaven on Earth shook my world in 1987.  She even had a song featured at the opening credits of the movie Mannequin, In My Wildest Dreams. Her third album, Runaway Horses in 1989 stretched her vocal powers into the 90’s. While most of the songs in the discography are on the Ballad side, I love them all. I’ve always thought she had a sexy voice. In 2014, she released a greatest hits album with a new song, Goodbye, Just Go. While I hoped for an album with all new songs, I had to settle for one song.

My next B is Berlin. Terri Nunn and crew are wonderful. The first song of theirs I heard was The Metro, which is about riding the train and watching people; things I like to do. Later, much later, I heard Sex (I’m A), and love it to this day. Then Berlin disappeared in 1988 after a greatest hits album, then Terri did a solo album in 1991 that wasn’t as good as the Berlin stuff, but was a delightful effort. Many of Berlin’s songs crossed the taboo lines we lived by in our household, singing about sex and other mischievous things weren’t the values expected. Berlin reemerged in 2000 with a live album, then two years later brought the world new material with the most recent in 2013. Of course, we can’t forget Take My Breath Away from Top Gun.

The Blow Monkeys were a fun New Wave Synthpop group who faded away before I really noticed them; their last album was released in 1990, then they came back 2008, and honestly, they should’ve stayed away the most recent stuff is dreadful. But in the 80’s they were spectacular. My favorite song was Diggin’ Your Scene, it has that Sophistipop merge of Jazz and Pop, which some consider New Romantic; so many labels on music genres. Oh and, they covered the song You Don’t Own Me on the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.

I’m finishing the letter B with Blue Mercedes; sometimes I think I’m the only one who knows who they are. They dropped their only album in 1988, Rich and Famous, with fabulous songs like I Want to Be Your Property, Your Secret is Safe With Me, and Crunchy Love Affair. There was another single after this album called That Beauty is You, but that was all, and they vanished. As many other bands from this time that only had one album, I wish they had more. There songs are fun, and make me wanna dance.

Next week’s delight is C.