#Music A-Z Challenge Week 1

August 21, 2016


A, the first letter of the alphabet and the start of my first A-Z challenge.

Animotion is the first band I can remember from the 80’s, starting in A, with their song Obsession (I featured the video in the MTV 35th anniversary post, click here to see the post). The song is about sexual fantasies, and it was pretty hot with them dancing in several different costumes around a swimming pool. I remember around the same time as the song came out, there was an adult magazine that had a spread of men and women in Roman-esque costumes, and the Obsession video did too. Sorry, mom, if you’re reading this, now you know I had access to porn as a teenager. Anyway, back to Animotion. I don’t think they ever received enough credit for their work. They had three delightful albums, the third is the one they really changed their sound to be more Rock with the hit Room to Move. Their second album, Strange Behavior, was probably the biggest sleeper, but had a fun song called I, Engineer.

The next band that comes to mind is A Flock of Seagulls (technically they start with A). They had a few Top 40 hits in the 80’s, the biggest being I Ran; And I ran, I ran so far away… The other I remember hearing on the radio or maybe I saw the video was Space Age Love Song, though at the time I didn’t know it was them. They actually recorded several albums with no real notice except for I Ran. Their synths are extremely good and keep me entertained whenever they hit the weekly playlist.

After the Fire was what is considered a One-Hit Wonder with their song Der Kommissar, which was a cover from an Artist starting with the letter F; Falco, who wasn’t popular in the USA until Rock Me Amadeus, but I’ll get into that when I reach F. For a pretty much unknown New Wave band from the 80’s they had a great sound and feel to their style, but as so many Artists know, it’s a hard world out there.

Now I come to ABC, no not Another Bad Creation, give me some credit. ABC had the hits, When Smokey Sings, Poison Arrow, Tears Are Not Enough, and The Night You Murdered Love. These guys hit the top 10 for me back in the day, and still are a regular in my playlists.

I will end A with Art of Noise. Wow are they great. They are considered Drum and Bass in many catalogues, but to me they are Magic. The first album of theirs I bought was In No Sense, Nonsense in 1987. It’s bizarre. They did a cover of the Dragnet theme, and I believe it was in the Dragnet movie. The minimal lyrics are catchy as are their mixes of sounds, making what some would call a cacophony. One of the tracks is called How Rapid?, and the words How Rapid is Rapid? How Quick is Quick? are repeated throughout. Another that pops in mind from time to time is E.F.L., there’s a woman saying Telephone, telephone, it’s for you in it. Great stuff. Don’t forget the Prince cover of Kiss with Tom Jones, and they also did a song with Max Headroom (remember him) called Paranoimia, see below.