Dreamwalker: The Second Plain 5th Anniversary Edition #Readers of #Horror

July 11, 2016


It blows my mind thinking that Dreamwalker: The Second Plain has been published for five years. This book is my first, and probably the most dear to me. People, who know me, see the select autobiographical parts, and think its great I added them into the book. I started writing this when my Father-in-law became ill; it was very therapeutic to release my emotions through writing, rather than be a blubbering idiot when he died, which I didn’t escape completely. After his passing, I was drained, and didn’t finish it until a few years later in 2011.

Dreamwalker: The Second Plain is about a young man, Saul, who has a talent he doesn’t know he has, while others around him have felt its effects. When he is told what he can do, he was skeptical, but soon began to trust his Spirit Guide, and discovered the beauty his gift offered. Of course, there’s someone who wants to exploit Saul’s talents (it wouldn’t be fun without an antagonist) and quickly learns how things work on The Second Plain.

For this special event, I’ve updated the cover and added and extended scenes. This special edition is available for download at the Bizarro Fiction Shop (as well as your favorite eBookstore). I also have a few print signed copies of this special edition available for purchase at the Bizarro Fiction Shop; supplies are limited.