#99cents Dreamwalker: The Second Plain http://bit.ly/1SoLuMQ #Nook

June 2, 2016

Bizarro Fiction Author Charles W Jones Dreamwalker the Secon Plain small 3D book imageNow through June 18, 2016 Dreamwalker: The Second Plain is only 99cents at the Bizarro Fiction Shop.

Saul can control dreams, not just his dreams but dreams of people he comes in contact.  At first, he is not aware of what he can do and does not understand why people act strangely when he gets angry.  When he goes away to boarding school he inadvertently calls for help from his Spirit Guide.

His Spirit Guide teaches Saul about his gift and alerts him about danger from the Man who wants the gift.  His paranoid warnings turn out to be true when the Man finds Saul after he is finished with school.  Had Saul listened, then the nightmares that the Man creates for his own pleasure and gain would not have happened.  To end the nightmares, Saul must solve a poorly written “riddle” before it’s too late.

Saul enlists Marcie, a newly divorced nurse who works at the Lakeside Sanitarium, to help him stop the Man.  He tells her the story of how he came to be at the Lakeside Sanitarium and the nightmares the Man created using Saul’s power to his advantage.  When she awakes, she thinks it was all just a dream.