#ThursThreads – Week 210 Safety

March 31, 2016


The taught skin of his face looked waxy in the flickering candlelight. When a smile broke from his mouth, creases formed from eyes to mouth like brittle parchment. Carrington Bix had never been attractive; always a little too thin, making him appear gaunt, and his arms and legs were spindly like a spiders jointed appendages. Kirsty watched him from the corner; she’d known him all her life and had never feared him. Even now with his raspy breathing echoing, and the low shadowy ceiling of the bunker making his seven foot height seem even more gargantuan, she wasn’t afraid.  Bix had looked worried, which he never did, when he had approached her, quietly uttered the words, ‘it’s necessary for your safety.’ She knew not to question him, she’d sense the shift already.

Something had changed when Glen had come to town. The unrest from Church Hill had been felt by everyone. Sarah Saunders, who’d hired Glen, had given him the room as part of his contract as caretaker, but he’d refused to stay there more than one night, telling her it was uncomfortable sleeping in a room without windows. Then there was that orange tabby he’d brought with him, sniffing around. From the seclusion of the woods, Kirsty had watched the cat attack Glen as he drove to the little white building at the top of the hill. It wasn’t the poor animal’s fault for being here, but now that it was, there wasn’t anything to be done about it.

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