#ThursThreads Culture Shock

March 24, 2016

Walking down the steep road back to town, Glen couldn’t shake the feeling someone watched him from the trees. Anytime he scanned the shadows he saw no one, but still couldn’t shake the sensation. He’d only been in town for a few days, and while the townsfolk were friendly, there was something about them, which felt like something dark lurked behind their smiles and twinkling eyes.

“Experiencing new cultures can be weird,” he muttered, glancing toward the sound of a twig snapping in the woods.

The hazy shadows hid whomever or whatever was there. Pushing his dark, sweat-drenched hair from his brow, he returned his focus on the dirt road falling away from him. On the drive up, he’d had to use the lowest gear to coax his truck to the summit, which had caused it to overheat. Allowing it to cool while he did maintenance projects, and took in the view of the valley from the church’s windows hadn’t made a difference; it still refused to start.

As he continued his trek downhill, thoughts of Kirsty, who he’d met on his first day in town, filled his mind. The glint in her emerald eyes sparked his interest as she laughed when they’d bumped into each other on the sidewalk outside the general store. Confusion found him when the joy had drained from her learning where he was staying, and why he’d come Denton. She had refused any explanation to her reaction as she backed away from him.

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