#ThursThreads – The Challenge That Ties Tales Together – Week 37

September 6, 2012

He just stared out the window. What else was he to do but wait? How long had it been? She said she would only be gone for a few minutes. It seemed much longer than that. He got up and paced in front of the door. Where was she?
He returned to the window. He cocked his head from side to side looking down the sidewalk but she was still nowhere to be seen. He sat in the chair and watched. Birds flew by the window but they could not distract him from watching for her.
Click, click at the door. Quickly, he lay down and closed his eyes.
“Kitty, I’m home.”
Drowsily, he blinked his eyes open and lifted his head.
“Meow,” he said softly.
“You haven’t moved an inch since I left. lazy cat.”
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