#MenageMonday Challenge – Week 43

August 13, 2012

I got a strange feeling when my parka filled with air. It wasn’t a good feeling either. We reverently scanned the cemetery. I heard the almost inaudible pop and froze. Lucky me, I found another trigger. It wasn’t the first time I’ve found one of those in there; I felt the others turn their eyes on me. We had no idea how long the booby-traps had been there or if they were still active. I had a choice to make.
“Everyone back away,” I yelled behind me. “This plot is too dangerous.”
I heard their murmurs and whispers rise then quiet behind me. I assumed they were away as I no longer heard their breath or the muffled tramping of their boots. It was now or never. I lifted my foot slowly, expecting a great explosion but there wasn’t one. I smiled—another dud.
I faced my men, who had not retreated from the cemetery as I had ordered. Their parkas flapped gently in the breeze that ended the silence. My men stood still like statues. I approached one. His flesh was now marble and his eyes no longer saw me. The others were the same.

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