September 12, 2011
Wouldn’t it be fun if Barbie were possessed by a demon or evil spirits.  Children would think twice about ripping off her head.  Or is that why they rip off her head, she is already possessed.  Her blue painted, soulless eyes staring at you unblinking.  What does she do when the lights go out?  Hunt for prey or stand on the little girl’s chest that was cruel to her that day and breathe in her life-force.  Is that too Chucky or Cat’s Eye?

When I was a child, I have to admit, I was a little freaked out by her when I’d go to my cousin’s house. I think it was her eyes that freaked me out the most, then that little smirk saying “I know something you don’t”.

Going through the aisle in a toy store with the thousands of little eyes watching you as you pass, waiting to be set free from the plastic shield of a box protecting you from them can be a little freaky.  Their smiles wooing you into apathy, bodies enticing you with their fashions.  “I want you take me home,” they all yell behind unmoving lips.  “I want to destroy you.”